Lior and Tom

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Lior Hod is horny and wants to get in some playtime but Tom Malone is trying to take a nap and appears totally uninterested. Lior unzips his jeans and pulls out his thick, uncut cock which is completely aroused. Tom's eyes open wide. As Lior starts stroking his cock he looks over and notices Tom watching him. Lior motions for Tom to join him on the bed and Tom eagerly obliges. Lior slips off his clothes while Tom swallows every last inch of Lior's long cock. Lior helps Tom out of his clothes, spreads his legs wide and goes to work sucking his cock while he fingers Tom's tight pink hole. Lior slides in behind Tom and slowly buries his cock deep inside Tom's ass. The harder and faster Lior pounds the more audible are the moans and "YES" coming from Tom's mouth. Lior pulls Tom to his knees and after shoving his cock back in Tom's hole the ass-pounding continues. Ultimately on his back with legs spread wide, Tom continues to enjoy Lior pounding away at his ass. He grabs his own cock and starts jacking as Lior fucks him even harder. Tom's cock erupts sending jizz flying. Lior pulls out just in time as he blows load after load of creamy white cum all over Tom.