Luke and Henry

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Henry Dean announces during the interview that he is interested in something large and Luke Vogel admits that he has what Henry wants. It takes no time at all for these two young studs to strip each other out of their clothes and Henry is on his knees nuzzling at Luke’s bulging underwear. Henry pulls Luke’s shorts down and quickly swallows the long, uncut cock which is now staring him in the face. From the look in Henry’s face it’s clear what he wants to do with Luke’s dick. He bends over the sofa and Luke proceeds to bury his face and tongue deep in Henry’s ass; priming it for his thick piece of meat. Luke quickly obliges Henry and once he get’s his entire length buried in Henry’s hole Luke gets down to the business of giving Henry a good fucking. Luke sits down on the sofa, motions for Henry to climb on top and Henry slides back down onto Luke’s huge cock. Luke starts fucking again, Henry grabs his rock-hard cock and jacks it until he almost jizzes. He spins around, faces Luke and the ass pounding continues. When Luke can’t hold it anymore he pulls out of Henry’s hole, climbs up and gushes a fountain of jizz all over Henry’s face and chest. Having Luke’s cum dripping down his face sends Henry over the edge and he blows thick, creamy load onto his stomach.