Marcus Paradise

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Hunky Marcus Paradise is rummaging around his buddy's room when he finds a dildo tucked under the bed covers. He is totally surprised and looks around to see if he's been caught. He lifts the dildo to his nose and sniffs it. He then sticks out his tongue and starts licking the head of the dildo as his other hand grabs his crotch. Marcus starts deep-throating the dildo as he rubs the growing bulge in his shorts. He stops long enough to strip off his shirt and boy what a body this young man has. His chest and abs are perfectly ripped and you can tell by his arms that he works out regularly. Continuing to suck on the dildo, Marcus strips off his shorts and slides over to the edge of the bed. He pulls back the jockstrap and out pops his thick piece of meat with two plump orbs hanging below that you'd just love to wrap your mouth around. Marcus starts jacking his boner while continuing to swallow the dildo. He slides off his jock, lubes up the dildo and pulls his legs back. He slides the dildo in very slowly but soon he's working it in and out at a faster pace. Marcus fucks himself with the dildo until he can't hold back anymore. He starts jacking his cock harder and faster. His nutsack constricts and his entire body tightens up as he releases streams of creamy white jizz coating his ripped abs and chest. Happy New Year from all of us at Badpuppy!