Mark and Alex

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Alex Blade is checking out his phone when Mark Freedom walks in and sits down right next to Alex on the sofa. The two look at each other, no words are spoken as they proceed to shove their tongues down each other's throats. They begin tugging at each other's clothes as the passion builds. They easily rip off each other's shirts never missing a beat as they continue kissing and groping. Alex lies back on the sofa and Mark goes about kissing Alex's nipples while he pulls down Alex's pants. Alex is left lying there with a raging boner which is still confined to his jock. Mark is more than willing to free Alex's cock and he immediately goes after it, sucking down his entire rock-hard, uncut length. Mark strips out of his clothes, his dick is standing at attention, fully erect. Alex moves in and expertly works Mark's uncut cock deep down his throat. Alex spins around on the sofa, bends over and offers his waiting hole to Mark. Of course, Mark wastes no time driving his thick, uncut cock deep inside Alex's tight ass. It doesn't take Alex long to get used to Mark's size and soon Mark is pounding Alex's ass mercilessly. Mark sits down on the sofa and directs Alex to sit down on his cock. Alex obliges and he's soon bouncing up and down on Mark's cock all while Mark is power-fucking from below. Both boys' balls grow tight and Alex's cock is standing straight up as Mark continuously hits Alex's prostate with his cock. Mark pulls out, ready to blow and moves up next to Alex's face. He starts shooting load after creamy load of thick white jizz. Alex is sent over the top and as his body goes completely rigid, he blows his load, spewing cum all over his young tight abs.