Mark Freedom

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Beautiful Russian twink Mark Freedom is checking out his favorite hook-up app, and he's getting turned on as he chats and swaps pics with the other hot guy. Mark gropes himself through his jeans, slides his hand down his pants, and grows harder with excitement. Mark undoes his buckle, unzips his pants, and massages his cock through his underwear. He sets the phone down and pulls off his shirt -- revealing a lean and smooth body. As Mark continues working his ever-expanding cock that is straining to break free of its confines, he slides off his pants and socks -- leaving only the underwear between his hand and now rock-hard manhood. After a few minutes of rubbing, Mark has finally had enough teasing and yanks off his underwear -- exposing a beautifully curved, smoothly shaved, uncut piece of hard cock. Mark begins jacking and squeezing his foreskin back and forth over the mushroom-shaped head. His cock gets harder and harder. Mark wants some ass play, so he rolls over on the bed and gets up on all fours -- slapping and groping his ass cheeks. He gives us a great view of his tight, puckered hole that's just begging to be filled with his app friend's hard cock, and Mark begins fantasizing about being pounded by him. Mark spins around and kneels on the bed while continuing to jerk his meat. With his nutsack full and tight, Mark lays back on the bed with his legs in the air -- showing us his sweet, tight asshole. As Mark groans and grunts with pleasure, it's obvious that it's not going to be long before he erupts. He continues to work his foreskin up and down while focusing on the ridge of his cockhead -- still imagining his e-lover smashing his ass. Catapulting him over the edge, Mark blows load after load of hot, sweet, twink cum all over his smooth chest and stomach. Slowly, Mark squeezes every last drop of cum out of his still rigid cock. Smiling at the camera, Mark further considers hooking up with his app buddy for some real action.