Max and Dmitry

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Max Bourne is sitting on the sofa quietly reading a magazine when Dmitry Osten walks in all horned up and sits down beside him. Max is not really interested at first; but, Dmitry persists and Max gives in ripping off Dmitry’s shirt. He kisses his way down Dmitry’s chest and in no time at all Max’s shirt is off with Dmitry on top of him, kissing and licking Max’s nipples. Dmitry works his way down to Max’s jeans where he’s met with a rock-hard bulge which he quickly releases from Max’s pants. Dmitry swallows every inch of Max’s thick, uncut cock, sometimes gagging on the length; but, enjoying every bit of it. Max stands and Dmitry slides to his knees allowing Max the opportunity to face-fuck Dmitry with his raging hardon. Spinning Dmitry around on the sofa Max shoves his cock deep into Dmitry’s ass and then Dmitry takes over. Rocking back and forth Dmitry gets Max’s cock as deep inside him as possible. Max lays back on the sofa, Dmitry climbs on and slides back down on Max’s cock. Obviously into it; Dmitry rides and Max pounds Dmitry’s hole mercilessly. Dmitry takes it long and hard until he just can’t hold back any longer. He grabs his cock and squirts a load of jizz which hits his neck and coats his chest. Max quickly pulls out, Dmitry lies under him and Max dumps a thick load of cum into Dmitry’s mouth while blasting a thick juicy load onto Dmitry’s chest. Obviously what Dmitry wanted; he licks Max’s cock clean of any remaining cum.