Max and Jack

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Jack Ganley is taking a nap on the sofa and Max Trey is sitting on the floor next to him playing with his phone. Max glances over at Jack and notices a huge bulge in his pants. Of course, curiosity gets the best of him. Max reaches over and starts rubbing Jack’s bulge; which of course, wakes Jack from his sleep. Jack willingly undoes his pants, pulls them down and offers Max a long thick Polish sausage to sink his teeth into. Max swallows the entire length of Jack’s cock, gagging once in a while; but, enjoying every single inch. Standing up; Max rips off the rest of his clothes. His cock is rock hard from excitement. He lies down on the sofa and goes back to working Jack’s thick cock with his skilled mouth. Jack takes his turn returning the oral pleasures on Max’s cock before Jack lubes up his dick; giving Max a place on which to sit. Max sits down slowly and when the moment is right Jack starts thrusting quickly from below; working Max’s tight little hole. Lying over on the sofa these two young studs go at it like rabbits. Jack gives it to Max and he gives it to him hard. After going at it in many different positions our hot young studs are ready to burst and they settle back on the sofa. Jack grabs his cock; and, with just a few short jerks, cum is flying all over his chest. Max does his best to lick up most of it before rolling over and taking his own cock in hand. Just like Jack, he does not have to jerk long before loads of jizz go streaming over his chest and onto Jack who’s sitting behind him.