Max and Sam

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Max Royse arrives for his massage just as Sam Smit finishes setting up the table. Max strips out of his shirt and pants. His body is incredibly ripped and he's looking awfully hot in his red, white and blue jockstrap. He lays down face-first on the table and Sam gets to work massaging his sore back and shoulder muscles. Sam slides off Max's jock, applies a liberal amount of oil to Max's back and continues the rubdown. Sam moves lower and he begins kneading Max's tight and furry bubble-butt. He teases Max's hole and balls before working his way down to Max's feet. Sam has Max roll over and Sam can't take his eyes off of Max's thick, uncut cock. Max nods that it's okay for Sam to touch it and of course Sam eagerly grabs ahold of Max's manhood. It's rock-hard in Sam's hands and he pours on some additional oil. He massages Max's cock-head, teasing it and causing it to pre-cum. Sam starts tweaking Max's left nipple as he jacks Max's cock even faster. Max's breathing becomes very shallow. He grabs his own dick and jerks himself off as Sam works his fingers in and out of Max's hole. Max's body goes rigid and he starts squirting loads of thick white cum, coating his ripped abs. With a very contented look on his face Max sits up and gives Sam a smile as the camera fades to black.