Maxim and Kevin

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Maxim Moira went for a hike and found an old abandoned warehouse. He found a cool shady spot to chill and cool off; so he laid back and relaxed. He lies back in the grass, pulls off his shirt, and begins playing with himself while rubbing his chest when Kevin Ateah happens to walk up without Maxim being aware. Kevin watches the show Maxim is putting on and it is really turning him on. Maxim looks up and catches Kevin staring at him so Kevin did what every young, horny stud does. He walks over, sits down next to Maxim and they both start kissing and jacking each other’s cocks. After they get their oral fix; Kevin has Maxim lie down on the grass. Kevin straddles Maxim’s cock, slowly sits down and goes between riding it up and down and Maxim thrusting his cock in and out as he jerks Kevin’s thick and fully erect cock. Laying Kevin over on his side, Maxim slides his cock back into Kevin’s ass and goes back to working his ass over until Kevin starts spurting jizz all over the place; and I mean ALL over the place. When Kevin cums; this was all the stimulation that Maxim needed. He pulls his cock out of Kevin’s ass and starts squirting thick loads of cum all over Kevin’s hot ass.