Miles massages Alpan

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Alpan Stone is looking for a rub-down and Miles Gallagher is more than willing to help out. Alpan strips to his underwear and lies down on the sofa. Miles starts by gently massaging Alpan's neck and back. He applies some oil to Alpan's back and as he works his way down, he conveniently slips off Alpan's underwear. Alpan's tight bubble butt has Miles' attention and after pouring on a little more oil he focuses on those buns and tight little asshole. Alpan's penis begins to poke its way out. Apparently, the massage is having a stimulating effect so Miles takes matters in hand. He massages the oil into Alpan's thick, rock-hard cock, playing with Alpan's balls using his thumb. Applying a little more oil, Miles massages both of Alpan's legs, stopping to pay close attention to his feet. Aplan rolls over with a hardon and Miles can't keep his hands off of it. He lubes up Alpan's dick and begins playing with his cock-head. As he slowly jacks Alpan's dick Miles massages and stretches Alpan's balls. Alpan moans with pleasure. Miles sees the look on Alpan's face and he wants to finish him off. He starts jacking Alpan's cock faster and applying pressure where it's needed. With a deep sigh Alpan blows a thick creamy load all over his ripped torso and at the same time makes a nice mess in Miles' hand. From the contented look on Alpan's face I'd say he'll be back for another rub-n-tug.