Milo and Klay

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Milo Zayd directs Klay Barrister to lay down on the sofa face-first. Milo straddles Klay and begins rubbing his back, slowly moving down towards his shorts which he quickly slides off. Milo picks up the bottle of massage oil and applies some to Klay’s back. Milo begins working Klay’s muscles and as he gets to Klay’s buttocks, he pauses noticing Klay’s cock is a bit on the plump side. Milo applies some additional oil to his hands and rubs it into Klay’s tight, pink ass. He tenderly massages Klay’s buns teasing Klay’s hole with his thumb. Milo feels his own cock becoming aroused and he frees it from the confines of his shorts. His thick, uncut cock is rock-hard. He gives it a few strokes with his hand but decides to put it away for now and turns to focus on Klay’s feet. He works both feet, massaging each toe as thoroughly as the next. When he’s finished Klay rolls over and his long, thick cock is standing straight up. Milo just can’t resist. He grabs ahold of it and begins stroking. At the same time, he pulls out his own hard-on, strips out of his shorts and then leans over and swallows every inch of Klay’s dick. Klay gets into the tongue massage and begins face-fucking Milo. Milo pauses, grabs the oil and applies some to Klay’s cock. Milo continues jacking Klay and even turns around and uses his feet for some extra stimulation. Klay’s body starts to go rigid and his breathing deepens and with just the right amount of stroking from Milo’s hand, Klay blows a thick load of creamy white jizz all over his tight belly. Definitely relieved, Klay sits up on the sofa giving Milo a smile just as the camera goes dark.