Nick and Luke

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Nick Fit is almost bursting out of his underwear during the interview with Luke Kennedy and just as soon as the interview is complete Luke makes a dive for Nick’s crotch. Nick grabs Luke’s face and the two kiss while Luke plays with the huge bulge in Nick’s shorts. Luke pulls Nick’s cock from his shorts and swallows it whole. Nick bends Luke over onto his knees and buries his face in Luke’s ass, driving his tongue deep into Luke’s tight hole. His cock is hard as a rock and Nick pushes it in ever so slowly. Luke moans slightly as he gets used to Nick’s length and girth. The two quickly adapt and in no time at all Nick is rocking back and forth; and, Luke is gyrating his ass right back into Nick’s dick. They soon move to Luke being on top of Nick, riding him like a horse. At first Nick starts pounding from below; but, soon Luke is bouncing up and down driving Nick’s cock deeper inside his ass. Nick rolls Luke over on his back, throws his legs in the air and plunges his cock right back into Luke’s hole. Nick starts pounding harder and faster and before he busts his nut, he pulls out and squirts his love-juice all over Luke’s balls and cock. Luke scoops up some of Nick’s cum with his fingers and tastes it as Nick slides his finger into Luke’s ass and begins finger-fucking him. Luke starts jerking his cum-covered cock and in mere seconds he blows his load all over his chest and stomach.