Nico and Alan

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As Nico Vegas enters the room, Alan Davis is waiting on the bed for his massage. Nico slides up next to Alan on the bed, shirtless, and begins to work out the knots in his shoulders and back. He pushes his hands under Alan's underwear and yanks them off. Nico goes to work on Alan's tight ass, rubbing and squeezing each cheek while we get a glimpse of Alan's thickening cock, and plump balls. Nico's getting turned on himself. His cock is bulging in his shorts. Nico then rolls Alan over onto his back, and Alan's cock is beginning to plump at this point in anticipation of the happy ending that he's been waiting for all day. Nico squirts a small amount of oil onto Alan's cock and rubs it in. The more Nico rubs Alan's dick the harder it gets. Nico can't resist this hot uncut sausage and he leans over and massages Alan's cock with his tongue and mouth. Alan's really turned on at this point. His cock is standing at full mast and Nico pulls out his own hard uncut cock, jerking himself as he sucks on Alan's cock. Nico starts jacking Alan's dick faster and faster as Alan moans with pleasure. Alan is on the verge of creaming everywhere after a few minutes of this, and his balls have drawn up tight. Alan finally lets loose with load after load of hot, creamy jizz. As our scene fades to black, Nico squeezes out every last drop.