Nico and Jean

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Cute twink Jean Gilliam had just met Nico Vegas and while Nico is otherwise occupied Jean locates a pair of Nico's underwear lying on the floor. Jean picks up the underwear, buries his face in them and takes a long, deep breath enjoying the musky aroma. He lays down on Nico's bed where he continues sniffing the underwear and it's really turning him on. He starts rubbing at his crotch but his jeans are in the way. He unclasps his belt and zipper, pulls his pants down and continues rubbing his ever-thickening bulge thru his underwear. He takes another long sniff of Nico's underwear, pulls up his shirt and begins rubbing the underwear on his tummy. Nico shows up at the door to find Jean grooving on his underwear and the sight gets his blood pumping. He joins Jean on the bed where they quickly start undressing each other. The moment Jean sees Nico's thick, uncut cock standing at attention he wastes no time scooting down so that he could get a mouthful of Nico's meat. Of course, they flip-flop because Nico's got to have some of Jean's cock. After mutual blowjobs, Jean is all heated up and all he wants is Nico to give him a good fuck. Nico slides in behind Jean and as Jean lifts his leg, Nico pushes his cock deep into Jean's eager hole. Nico starts pounding away, driving his cock deep and hard. At times he picks up his own underwear, covers Jean's face with them allowing Jean to breathe in his smell. Nico lays back on the bed and Jean crawls on top. He settles back down on to Nico's dick and the bouncing begins. Jean is all about getting Nico's cock as deep into his hole as possible. As the bouncing continues Jean grabs onto his pulsating cock and starts stroking. He must have been right on the edge because between the ass-pounding and his stroking, his cock just could not hold back. He starts squirting jizz all over the place, coating his hand and tummy. Nico can't hold back either and as soon as he pulls out of Jean's tight ass, he's blowing thick wads of cum all over Jean's balls. Completely satisfied, Jean leans back and the two kiss passionately as the camera fades to black.