Nikol and Erik

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Nikol Monak was hanging out on the sofa enjoying some peace and quiet. It had been over a week since he last got off and he was really horny. No sooner than he gets his hand down his shorts and grabs his cock; but, his new roommate, Erik Spector, walks in. Erik does not flinch. He walks over and sits down on the sofa next to Nikol. They both start kissing and their hands begin roaming each other’s bodies. Their clothes come off quickly and both of them have cocks standing straight up and rock hard. Erik kneels in front of Nikol, sucks down every inch of his cock and then, gives Nikol a blowjob that keeps his nuts tight the entire time. Nikol pushes Erik back on the sofa and he leans over to get a taste of Erik’s cock and balls. Erik stands up, bends over the sofa and offers his ass up to Nikol’s long, thick cock. He pushes slowly at first; but, is soon rocking back and forth fucking Erik’s tight, muscular ass. Nikol pulls Erik down onto the sofa where laying side by side the ass-pounding continues. As our two hot studs reach their climax, Erik is on his back, his legs spread wide and Nikol fucking him harder than ever. Erik grabs his cock, starts jacking it and between that and his prostate stimulation, he dumps a thick load of cum onto his stomach. Nikol pulls out and begins spraying Erik’s stomach and chest with multiple loads of his jizz.