Nikol and Mitchell

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Nikol Monak greets Mitchell Jones at the door and escorts him directly to the bedroom where they immediately begin undressing each other. Nikol lies back on the bed and Mitchell goes to work on Nikol’s thick, uncut cock. As his tongue works its magic on Nikol’s dick Mitchell’s hand drops down to stroke his own thick, long piece of meat. Nikol pushes Mitchell back on the bed and wastes no time in sucking down Mitchell’s cock. Nikol reaches for the lube and squeezes some onto his cock. Mitchell takes some and applies it to his ass before climbing on top of Nikol and slowly sitting down on Nikol’s dick. Nikol gets in some power fucking from below before putting Mitchell on all fours and driving his cock back into Mitchell’s ass. Mitchell grimaces with each of Nikol’s thrusts; but, judging by how hard his cock is, I’m guess he’s enjoying every single inch of Nikol’s cock. As things get heated Mitchell rolls over on his back, pull his legs back and Nikol pushes his dick back into Mitchell’s hole. Nikol resumes pounding and Mitchell starts jacking his cock. Mitchell can’t hold back as Nikol hits bottom. He starts squirting jizz all over his abs as Nikol keeps pushing his cock deeper into Mitchell’s ass. Nikol pulls out and with just a few jerks of his hand he’s coating Mitchell in a thick layer of his creamy cum.