Orson Deane

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Orson Deane is 27 years old, from London, works hard, plays hard and claims to be quite versatile in the sack. He slips his shirt over his head and the first thing we notice is that he’s not shaved every hair off of his body. He runs his hands thru his chest and tummy fur, continues down past his abs and into his underwear. As he strips out of his pants and shorts his rock-hard cock springs straight up to attention. Orson grabs a bottle of lube, squirts some into his hand and he starts rubbing it into his thick piece of man-meat. He stands up directly in front of the camera, spits on his cock and begins stroking it ever so slowly. He’s in no hurry and his hand expertly massages his mushroom head as it plumps. Orson’s cock looks like it is all ready to pop when he let’s go of it and bends over the sofa. He spreads his ass and starts probing his asshole with his lubed-up fingers. He turns and sits back on the sofa so he can focus on getting off. Orson is jacking harder while his other hand is rubbing his chest and abs. He feels it building inside of him as his body tightens and with a loud moan Orson squirts a thick load of jizz all over his crotch and leg.