Randall White

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Hunky Randall White went back to the locker room for something; but, the aroma of all the hot men that had recently been in the room completely aroused him. Randall sits back on the bench, closes his eyes and starts rubbing his crotch thru his jeans while fantasizing about what he would like to do with a few of those hot, young studs. Things heat up quickly for Randall as he pulls off his shirt; now showing off his incredibly built torso and arms. He pushes his jeans down and pulls his thick uncut cock from his underwear and goes about pleasuring himself. Randall spies one of his teammate’s socks. He grabs it and begins rubbing it all over his cock. His dick gets harder the more he plays with the sock; but, he knows his teammates are coming back soon and he is ready to blow. He drops the sock, tightens the grip on his cock and beats it even more intently. His balls quickly tighten and as he leans forward on the bench Randall shoots a thick load of cum all over the locker room floor.