Ricky and Bryan

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Bryan Hogan is sitting on the sofa watching the television when Ricky Dawson stops by. Ricky points out that the show Bryan is watching is boring; and, he has something in mind that is way more interesting. Ricky unbuttons his pants; and, pulls out his cock, which is already hard as a rock. Ricky takes Bryan’s hand and places it on his dick. Bryan feels how hard it is. He leans over, swallows the entire length; and, proceeds to work Ricky’s cock thoroughly with his tongue. Ricky lifts Bryan up off the floor; and, lies him back on the sofa. He grabs Bryan’s jeans and underwear; and, pulls them both off at the same time. Bryan’s thick, uncut cock springs to attention the moment it’s free. Ricky wastes no time woofing down every single inch of Bryan’s cock; and, Bryan goes about tweaking his nipples with both hands. The situation heats up quickly after Ricky briefly face-fucks Bryan’s mouth. Ricky appears to really want Bryan's hole. He spins Bryan around on the sofa and shoves his cock deep into Bryan’s ass. Ricky gives Bryan an ass-pounding that he soon won’t forget. They fucked their way all over that sofa with it culminating in Bryan’s legs in the air and Ricky still fucking as hard as he can. Bryan can’t hold back anymore and he blows a thick juicy load all over his tight, young torso. Ricky pulls out of Bryan’s ass and coats Bryan’s balls and cock with a healthy size load of jizz.