Ricky Larkin

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31-year-old Ricky Larkin makes a return visit to Badpuppy after a 7-year hiatus. The first thing we notice is that Ricky has really beefed up and his body is chiseled and hard as a rock. His discussions during the interview get him worked up and he starts grabbing the bulge growing in his shorts. He stands up, strips off his shirt and does some muscle posing for us. He pulls down his shorts and the precum is already dripping from his cock. He starts jacking his thick piece of meat and the precum goes flying. Ricky stops jacking long enough to wipe off some of his juice and lick it from his finger. He turns around, bends over the chair and starts fingering his tight furry ass. As he finger-fucks his hole, his other hand is taking care of whacking his cock until he turns around and sits down in the chair. Ricky lifts one leg while he’s jacking his dick and inhales deeply from his dirty sock. He takes the sock off of his foot and shoves it into his nose so all he can breathe is funky foot-sock odor. The smell of his own feet is all it finally takes to send Ricky over the edge. His cock erupts and he squirts thick loads of jizz all over his own feet. He lifts the foot which is most covered in cum to his mouth and licks it clean before one last smile for the camera.