Ryan Fitt

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We find cute, young Ryan Fitt relaxing on the bed, finishing his favorite magazine. He tosses it on the table beside him, stretches and lays back on the pillows. His hands move to his crotch which he begins rubbing quite intently. Kneeling onto the bed, Ryan pulls his sweater off over his head. He’s got a nice, ripped torso and muscular arms which he demonstrates with a little bit of posing. Continuing to rub his growing bulge he rolls over onto all fours with his ass in the air. He pulls off his grey shorts leaving his tight pink ass visible from the backside. He rotates between fingering his hole and snapping the elastic strap from his jock against his ass cheek. When he turns for the camera Ryan’s cock is bursting to get out of his jock and he wastes no time freeing his rock-hard sausage. He grabs onto his cock and starts jacking. His balls are big and tight. You can tell he wants to get off. He pulls off his jock and lifts one leg in the air. One hand jacks his dick and the other slaps at his ass, teasing his hole. It’s not long before Ryan’s breathing very hard and has his nuts tighten even more, he blows a thick load of creamy white cum, coating his chest abs and crotch. He continues teasing his shaft and rubbing the cum up and down his tummy.