Sammy and Dominik

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Remastered Classic with Sammy Danko and Dominik Gunter: Returning home from a night out, best buds and roommates, Sammy and Dominik, are about to make some drinks when, unexpectedly, Sammy leans in for a kiss. Since Dominik's feeling a bit randy, he decides to hell with it, and returns Sammy's advances. Soon, our two young studs are lip-locked, and then without hesitation, Dominik unzips and pulls out his uncut half chub. You don't have to ask Sammy twice, and he drops to his knees and begins slobbering all over Dominik's knob. After several minutes of Sammy sucking Dominik, he stands, unzips, and our sexy guys begin rubbing and tugging each other. Now, Dominik returns the favor, drops to his knees, and swallows Sammy's thick, uncut, hard schlong all the way to the root. Involuntarily, Sammy throws his head back and his eyes roll all the way up. Without warning, Dominik stands, pushes Sammy onto his back on top of the counter, and slides his thick prick inside of Sammy's tight manhole. At first, Sammy winces from the intensity, but soon, Dominik is pounding Sammy into guttural moans and labored breathing. After Sammy stands and leans over the counter, Dominick continues pummeling into him. And then, Dominik pulls out, Sammy drops back down to his knees, and Dominik's hard cock explodes with a huge, hot load of manjuice all over Sammy's face. The two then reverse positions, and Sammy's hard cock spews all over Dominik's tattooed chest. Exhausted and satiated, the guys retire to their respective rooms.

Producer's Note: At the time of filming, Dominik Gunter was 25, a bartender, and self-identified as straight. He loved seafood, and his favorite pastime was running. Sammy Danko was 22 and a mechanic. He considered himself bi and vers, and Sammy's favorites were Chinese food and soccer. For our two wild Czech guys, Dominik's strangest place that he made whoopie was on a bus, and Sammy's was in a public pool.

Enjoy! C.B.