Santi and Jack

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We find our uber hot Colombian studs, Santi Angel and Jack Allen, readying to meet some friends at their favorite discoteca. Jack is good to go, but Santi still needs to finish dressing when Jack mentions that he's still a little sore from his afternoon workout. So, Santi offers to give Jack a quick massage before they depart. Quickly, it becomes evident that Santi has a little more in mind than giving Jack a massage. Apparently, there's another muscle or two on Jack that Santi would like to get his hands, mouth, and tongue on, and that's where we join the guys in mid makeout session. Soon, Santi has Jack face down on the bed massaging Jack's muscular body while focusing on Jack's bubblicious ass. Unable to resist himself, Santi leans over and begins rimming Jack's scrumdillyumptious manhole to Jack's delight and involuntary moans. Flipping Jack over, Santi oils up all of Jack's rippling muscles, but Santi is quickly distracted by Jack's throbbing cock. Once again, unable to resist himself, Santi gives Jack a very happy oral ending. Enjoy! Casey Black