Sebastian Grasso

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Sebastian Grasso is a fit, young stud from Argentina. He came in for a screen test and managed to turn the producer on. The next thing you know our producer is on his knees in front of Sebastian and Sebastian’s pants are at his feet and he’s jerking his already rock hard cock. As he takes off his shirt, Sebastian turns towards the wall, giving his ass up to the producer’s wandering hands. Sebastian licks his fingers, reaches back and begins pushing his fingers in and out of his ass while he’s working magic on his dick. Turning around and sitting on the floor; Sebastian continues working his meat with one hand and the other hand’s fingers probe in and out of his hole, stimulating himself even more. Still wanting more, Sebastian gets up on his knees and bends over for the camera and producer. He offers his ass and the producer is glad to oblige a good finger fuck while Sebastian continues whacking off. As he gets close to exploding, Sebastian sits down on the floor and just as he does a spray of jizz goes flying all over his chest and stomach, coating his skin with hot, sticky goo.