Tom and Alex

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After a stressful day Alex Vens gets some much-needed relief from Tom Heart. We find Alex relaxing on the sofa with Tom lying just behind, slowly moving his hand up from Alex's crotch to his opened shirt where he tweaks at Alex's nipple. The two begin kissing very passionately as they slowly help each other out of their shirts. The kissing resumes and Tom's hand makes its way down to the growing bulge in Alex's pants. Tom loosens Alex's pants and pulls them off before standing and stripping out of his own shorts. Tom lies back down and resumes kissing Alex. Both of their cocks are rock-hard and straining to be free of their underwear. Tom kneels over Alex, grabs both of their cocks and begins rubbing them together thru their underwear. Tom's hands slowly massage their way up Alex's tight abs and then to his pecs where Tom focuses on Alex's nipples. Tom reaches down, grabs ahold of Alex's underwear and pulls them off. He stands up and pulls off his own underwear and both of their cocks stand straight up. Alex sits up on the sofa and Tom climbs in behind him, his hard dick rubbing against Alex's back as he massages Alex's shoulders. Alex takes his boner in hand and begins stroking it as Tom's hands slip down to massage Alex's pecs again. Alex lays back down with Tom straddling him. Tom strokes both of their cocks at the same time before slipping down to service Alex's cock with his experienced tongue and mouth. Tom brings Alex close to blowing his wad but he stops and kneels above Alex once again. Taking Alex's cock in hand, he begins stroking it hard and fast. Alex in turn grabs onto Tom's dick, jacking in unison. Alex's balls grow tight and as the moans grow louder and his breathing deepens Alex's cock spews a creamy load of jizz all over his tummy. As his mini-convulsions diminish a look of complete satisfaction comes across his smiling face.