Tommy and Koby

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The interview ends almost as quickly as it begins with Koby Lewis sticking his hand into Tommy Sparks’ shorts and finding more than he bargained for. The two of them begin kissing passionately as they slowly strip off each other’s clothes. Koby kisses his way down Tommy’s hot chest and abs. He finds a huge bulge in Tommy’s underwear. Koby frees Tommy’s cock, swallows it whole and ends up gagging a few times trying to get it all down. Tommy motions Koby over to the sofa. Koby kneels onto the cushions and bends over, exposing his ass. Tommy dives right in, shoving his tongue deep into Koby’s hole, working it in and out, priming Koby for his cock. Koby climbs on top of Tommy where Tommy continues working Koby’s hole while Koby focuses on giving Tommy a blowjob. With Koby ready for some penetration he throws his legs back and Tommy buries his cock deep in Koby’s ass. Tommy starts thrusting, slowly at first; but, soon he’s pounding away at Koby’s tight hole. They go at it hot and heavy until Koby can’t hold back anymore. With one final and deep thrust of his cock, Tommy hits the right spot and Koby starts squirting thick globs of creamy jizz all over himself. Tommy pulls out, grabs his cock and immediately explodes cum all over his own hot body.