Tony and Ben

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Today we're proud to feature two incredibly sexy blue-eyed twinks, Tony Milak & Ben Kingston. We start out with Tony relaxing on the couch watching some porn, as he massages his growing cock through his jeans. He is apparently oblivious to the fact that Ben is in the kitchen right behind him, and is watching as Tony rubs his bulge. Tony realizes he is being watched, and turns his head to see Ben grinning at him. "What ya doin?", Ben asks with a twinkle in his eye. Startled, Tony sheepishly replies "Uh, nothing!". Ben walks around from the kitchen, sits down right next to Tony, and immediately starts rubbing Tony's still growing bulge through his jeans. They both kiss, as Tony explores Ben's chest with his hands and then starts working on one of Ben's nipples with his tongue. They both remove their shirts. Tony also removes his pants, and sits up on the edge of the couch with his crotch next to Ben's face. He pulls down the waistband of his underwear, and his thick uncut cock pops out into full view. Ben wastes no time, and goes down on Tony's delicious hunk of sausage. This isn't Ben's first blowjob, and he expertly works Tony's cock as it grows even thicker and longer. Ben finally decides to pull off his own pants, revealing his already hard uncut cock. every bit as tasty looking as Tony's meat. They get comfortable, as Tony returns the blowjob favor to Ben by sucking on his cock for a few minutes. Both of them now rock hard, they reposition themselves for the next round of action. Tony reclines back on the couch, as Ben faces forward and straddles Tony. slowly lowering himself onto Tony's unsheathed rigid member. Ben rides Tony like this for quite some time, bobbing up and down as we see Tony's balls tighten and seemingly fill with cum. They move around to get a more comfortable position, with Tony spooning Ben from behind. Tony lifts Ben's leg for better access, and reinserts his cock into Ben's tight hole. After several minutes they stop to kiss for a moment, move around again, and this time they go for the missionary position, with Ben laying back spreading his legs, and Tony fucking him from the top. Ben is jerking off while Tony fucks him. you can tell he's getting close, as his cock gets harder and his balls pull up tight. Finally, he can't hold back any longer. as he shoots gob after gob of hot cum all over his stomach. This puts Tony over the edge, as he pulls out and releases his own stream of cum all over Ben's abs. Satiated for now, our twinks give each other a kiss, and head off to the showers for round two.