Travis Green

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Hunky Travis Green heads for the shower and on his way gets a little distracted by his own reflection in the mirror. He's developed into a very nice-looking young man with piercing eyes, a totally rockin' body and hair that you just want to run your hands through. He heads over to the tub and turns on the water before stripping off his shorts. Travis has a thick, uncut cock and it's looking like someone's already a little aroused. He turns on the shower and with his back to the camera, begins washing his tight perky ass. Reaching for the soap he starts lathering up his whole body. Travis sits down on the side of the tub and soaps up his cock and balls. His cock is rock-hard in seconds and he focuses on how good it feels as he jacks his dick. He tweaks his nipples with his free hand and with each squeeze you can tell in his eyes how much he's enjoying teasing himself. He stars jacking faster and faster. His nuts all but disappear as it's clear he's about to bust his nut. With a deep breath and his body going completely rigid Travis proceeds to milk load after creamy load of jizz as it streams from his hot Russian cock.