Tristain Crown

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We find lean and athletic Tristain Crown entertaining himself on the sofa; still fully clothed. One hand begins massaging his crotch while the other hand finds its way under his shirt. As he begins tweaking his nipples the bulge in his pants grows rather quickly. His shirt is the first to go revealing his lean, taunt chest. From there his pants come off quickly and we are left with Tristain sitting in his underwear with a rock hard cock doing its best to free itself from his underwear. Tristain finally takes off his shorts and just as expected, his cock is engorged, balls are tight and you would swear that he’s already ready to bust his nut. He grabs his cock and quickly goes about pleasuring himself. As he works the shaft and head Tristian grinds like he’s fucking a really hot ass. He rolls off the sofa and lies back on the floor; ass spread with his legs in the air. It’s a perfect view of his sweet, tight ass as Tristain shoves his cock thru his legs and continues stroking. He finally can’t hold it any longer and this young stud does not disappoint as he squirts thick loads of jizz onto his chest and tummy.