Tyga and Angel

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Our Columbian adventure continues with two hot Latin studs, Tyga Martinez and Angel Menfis. Tyga is relaxing on the bed checking out his phone when Angel arrives and crawls onto the bed beside him. The two kiss passionately as they eagerly strip away each other's clothes. Their rock-hard, uncut cocks say it all. These two young studs are totally turned on by each other and Tyga is the first to make his move. He goes down on Angel's thick dick, swallowing up every last inch. Tyga's tongue and mouth expertly know how to please Angel's cock and he almost brings Angel to an early climax but stops short. He bends Angel over onto all fours and pulls his ass into the air. Tyga buries his face straight into Angel's tight pink hole, spits to add some lubrication and gives Angel a tongue-fucking he won't soon forget. Angel is incredibly receptive and wants Tyga's cock inside him. Tyga stands at the end of the bed, Angel backs up and Tyga flops his big ole dick onto Angel's backside. Tyga's long, thick cock is engorged from all the excitement. He pushes it deep into Angel's hole and proceeds to tear Angel a new one. Angel gets his ass plowed in every conceivable position on that bed but in the end, Angel is on his back, legs in the air with Tyga still pumping hard and fast. Tyga can't hold back, he pulls out of Angel's ass and dumps a thick creamy load all over Angel's crotch and abs. Tyga shoves his cock back inside Angel and as he resumes plowing Angel's hole, Angel takes his own cock in hand and in no time at all, he loses it and squirts his jizz all over his abs and chest. Exhausted, the two continue playing with each other as they catch their breath after an incredibly intense fuck-session.