Wolf and Roman

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Wolf Rayet and Roman Capellini know how to start off the day. After the morning cup of coffee our two hot young men wind up lip-locked in the kitchen. Wolf walks around the island, picks Roman off the ground and sits him down on the countertop. The two resume their kissing and Roman's hands find their way underneath Wolf's shirt. Roman stands up, directing Wolf towards the sofa. They begin stripping off their shirts, all the while pawing and kissing each other. Roman drops to his knees, unbuttons Wolf's jeans and pulls them off. Wolf's cock is bulging in his underwear. Roman gladly frees it but wastes no time swallowing it, enjoying the feel of Wolf's thick cock-head hitting the back of his throat. Wolf pushes Roman back on the sofa and helps him out of his clothes. He wants some of Roman's thick, uncut cock and from the look in Roman's eyes and the moans coming out of his mouth, Wolf must have quite the experienced tongue. Roman turns and kneels on the sofa, offering his tight hole to Wolf. Wolf buries his face in Roman's ass and drives his tongue deep into Roman's hole, priming it for the cock he is about to shove into it. Wolf pushes deep into Roman's ass. Almost immediately he's pounding away and Roman's enjoying every thrust. Wolf sits down on the sofa and Roman climbs on top. He sits down slowly, feeling Wolf's thick dick fill his hole again. Roman begins bouncing up and down on Wolf's cock like there's no tomorrow and Wolf is power-fucking as fast and furious as he can from below. Roman lays back on the sofa, pulls his legs back and Wolf resumes the intense fuck session. Roman grabs his engorged cock, his nuts are tight and just as Wolf's cock makes contact with his prostate Roman loses it and blows a thick load of creamy jizz all over his hot abs. Wolf pulls out, lays back on the sofa and Roman comes in to orally finish him off. Wolf squirts a thick creamy load in Roman's mouth almost gagging him as he tries to swallow every last drop.