Xavier and Koby

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Koby Lewis and Xavier Sibley hit it off during their interview before the shoot, and afterwards, they wasted no time shoving their tongues in each other’s mouth. They quickly help each other out of their shirts, and Koby is on his knees sniffing -- burying his face in Xavier’s crotch. Koby pushes Xavier’s pants and underwear to the floor. After getting a good look at Xavier’s rock-hard cock, Koby swallows the whole thing and gives it quite the tongue bath. Koby moves to the sofa and strips down to his underwear. After Koby sits on the armrest, Xavier kneels and starts sniffing and licking at Koby’s cock bulging in his underwear. Koby’s dick is soon free, and his balls are banging Xavier’s chin as Xavier tries not to gag. These two studs heat up very quickly. Xavier lies down on the sofa and has Koby sit on his face. Xavier wastes no time. He buries his tongue as deep in Koby’s ass as possible, and then tongue-fucks the hell out of his hole. When Koby is ready for something bigger up his ass, he spins Xavier around and plants his ass right down onto Xavier’s thick, uncut cock. Let’s just say that Koby gets his share of dominating ass-riding on Xavier’s cock, but Xavier wants to be on top. With Koby lying back on the sofa and with his legs in the air, Xavier slides his cock back into Koby’s primed ass. Xavier gives Koby an intense fucking, and as Xavier hits that special spot on his prostate, Koby squirts his load of cum all over himself. Xavier pulls out and jacks his load -- coating Koby’s already jizz-covered torso.