Zach and Martin

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Zach Hansen has been waiting for Martin Muse to get out of the shower. When he hears a rustling in the kitchen he walks in to find Martin making coffee and donuts. The only nuts that Zach is interested in lie under Martin’s towel. Zach kneels down and pulls on the towel until it falls on the floor. He immediately starts licking at Martin’s cock and as it stiffens he swallows every inch of it. Zach conveniently loses his towel while he’s giving Martin a blowjob; but, his free hand is occupied with sticking his fingers up his ass. Martin pulls Zach up onto the breakfast table. He pushes Zach’s legs back; and, goes between sucking his cock, licking his balls and shoving his tongue into his hole, priming it for his dick. Martin stands up and shoves his bare cock deep into Zach’s butthole. He gives Zach the fucking of a lifetime; pounding his sweet tight ass, going faster and faster. Zach returns the favor and finishes off Martin with a very skilled hand. As Martin’s jizz starts flowing Zach starts licking it up. With a cum cover cock in his mouth Zach grabs his own cock and very quickly starts spitting loads of creamy jizz all over the floor.