Zack and Harry

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Zack Hood returns from the gym and declares the following to Harry Quinn, “Good morning, my sweet bitch. I am back from the gym, and I'm fucking horny.” And with that, Zack pulls down his pants and pulls Harry's mouth onto his raging hard-on. Harry wastes no time sucking down and enjoying Zack's piece of man-meat. Zack soon orders Harry out of his clothes and Harry is soon sliding his tight, young ass down onto Zack's rock-hard cock. Harry starts riding Zack's cock, his own thick, uncut dick bouncing up and down in time with the ass-fucking he's taking. Zack stands and bends Harry over the sofa, exposing his sweet, tight asshole. Zack shoves his cock right back in and continues the ass-fucking he was previously giving Harry. Grabbing his cock, Harry strokes harder and faster. He starts breathing hard and then Harry's cum starts flowing. This sends Zack over the top. He pulls out and squirts a thick coating of white jizz all over Harry's chest.