Andy Adler and Matthew Steel

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Jawked on Badpuppy with Andy Adler and Matthew Steel: American boys Matthew Steel and Andy Adler have a lot in common, far more than just their nationality. The Jawked boys both love cock and hot bareback sex, and that's more than apparent from their session in this video. These sexy anal Americans are cruising for some cock play in the woods when they encounter each other. In moments, they're groping the swelling dicks in their pants, and without needing to say anything, they're heading off for much more than a quick wank or suck at the cruisy spot. Matthew is ready to take the lead, worshiping the slim and sexy twink's perfect stiff penis in his mouth and hands, sucking him deep and enjoying some thrusting of that rod in his eager mouth. He\s clearly not the only one ravenous for penis, with his long meat freed and his loaded balls hanging he gets a delicious slurping from his new young friend, with Andy showing off his deep throating skills. It's clear the boy loves a good big cock, and that's proven again once his pucker has been slurped and Matthew is entering his warm hole from behind. The boy eagerly takes a rambunctious ride on the rigid length with some powerful thrusting from below before Matthew has to pull out to fire a hot load of cum up the boy's back. That's all Andy needs to feel, his own desperate dick is soon hosing down his top pal with a multi-shot cum release that leaves Matthew happily soaked in twink sperm.