Andro and Sam

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British hottie Andro Maas joins hunky Irish stud Sam Syron on the Badpuppy set where Sam can’t wait to get Andro out of his clothes. Andro is out of his shirt with his pants pulled down to his ankles in no time flat. Sam leans over and swallows every inch of Andro’s uncut thick piece of meat. Andro’s cock wastes no time getting rock hard with the attention of Sam’s tongue. Pulling Sam to his feet, Andro kneels in front of him. Andro slowly releases Sam’s hard, thick cock from his underwear and then sucks up his entire length; feeling it hit the back of his throat. Sam gives Andro a good face fucking before bending him over the sofa. Sam buries his face in Andro’s ass; driving his tongue deep into Andro’s tight hole. Sam rotates between his tongue and using his thumb to loosen up Andro’s ass. When Andro’s ass is ready Sam buries his cock all the way in and then goes about fucking the shit out of him. Soon these two studs are laid out on the floor, Andro’s legs are in the air and Sam continues fucking him just as hard as he can. The ass pounding Andro is taking sends him over the edge and as Sam continues to fuck him, Andro’s cock starts squirting loads of creamy jizz all over his chest and stomach. Sam pulls out, grabs his cock and then adds a thick coating of jizz to Andro’s chest. We fade out with our two cum drenched studs falling onto each other driving each other’s tongues down each other’s throats in a passionate kiss.