Leo Foxx and Jesse Magowan

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ForbiddenRed on Badpuppy with Leo Foxx and Jesse Magowan: 24-year-old Leo Foxx is a Chef at a local fine dining establishment in Manchester, UK. He and 20-year-old Jesse Magowan, who is a Barman from Bristol, UK, have hooked up for the weekend, to re-kindle their once long-time relationship. They have a passionate make out session on the couch, re-familiarizing with one another. Leo removes Jesse's shirt and begins kissing his way down his body and removes his pants. Leo takes hold of Jesse's uncut cock and begins sucking him off. Jesse in turn gives Leo some reciprocal oral attention, sliding his uncut cock in and out of his mouth. One thing leads to another, and Jesse kneels and bends forward over the back of the couch and Leo slides his cock in and begins pumping his ass. Jesse lays back on the couch, legs up in the air and Leo continues to ram him, while Jesse strokes his own cock, delivering a thick creamy load across his smooth abs. Leo stands over him and firmly strokes out a load, also across Jesse's already cream covered torso.