Adam and Kalvin

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Adam Holub is just getting ready when Kalvin Jaferson arrives for his massage. Kalvin pulls off his shirt, sits down and Adam begins slowly working Kalvin's tight shoulders. Adam has Kalvin strip off his pants and lie down on the table and Adam just happens to notice the bulge in the jockstrap Kalvin is wearing. Adam begins working his way down Kalvin's back, stopping to slide off Kalvin's jock before focusing on Kalvin's tight bubble-butt. Adam applies a little oil, slowly working it into Kalvin's muscles. Adam pulls Kalvin's ass-cheeks apart and begins teasing Kalvin's tight, pink hole. Kalvin slowly squirms as he enjoys Adam playing with his hole. Adam works his way down Kalvin's legs stopping to focus on Kalvin's feet before rolling him over on the table. Adam gets a good look a Kalvin's thick, uncut cock. It appears to be swelling up and with a glance between them Adam slowly starts massaging Kalvin's balls. Adam reaches for more lube, applies a generous amount to Kalvin's dick and starts jacking it with one hand while his other hand finds its way back to Kalvin's hole. Kalvin is really enjoying the attention and as his verbal response becomes more pronounced Adam jerks his cock even faster. Kalvin's balls completely tighten up as his body goes rigid. His cock erupts, squirting thick wads of creamy white cum all over himself and Adam's hand. Completely satisfied Kalvin settles back on the table as Adam reaches for a towel and slowly wipes up the mess.