Adam and Martin

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Adam Torres was taking a shower and did not hear Martin Muse at the door attempting to deliver Adam’s pizza. Adam hears Martin calling for him from the kitchen and he quickly shuts off the water, grabs a towel and heads out of the bathroom. He walks into the kitchen to find Martin has the pizza opened on the table and asking for payment. Adam has to explain that the money for the pizza has not arrived and they would have to work out another arrangement since the pizza was delivered early. Martin tells Adam that money is not everything as rubs his hand down Adam’s naked chest. It takes only a few moments before these two young men are stripped naked and Adam has Martin’s cock buried in his throat. Both studs take turns sucking each other’s cocks before Martin bends Adam over the sofa and drives his cock deep into Adam’s ass. Martin pounds away at Adam and Adam’s rock hard cock is swinging with each thrust Martin delivers. Martin fucks Adam in every conceivable position before shooting his thick load of cum all over Adam’s face and mouth. And as Adam sucks out the last bits of cum from Martin’s cock he shoots his own thick juicy load all over his abs.