Adam Holub

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Young Adam Holub has just returned from shopping for a new jock strap and after an afternoon of posing in the mirror, staring at himself in different pairs, he's got himself all worked up. Adam kneels on the bed, pulls up his shirt and shows us the hot pink Diesel jock he picked out. His cock is plumping up and straining to be free. He pulls off his shirt showing off his trim, muscular physique. He tweaks his nipples with one hand and rubs the ever-growing bulge in his jock. Adam turns around on the bed, bends over and spreads his ass exposing his tight pink hole which he begins teasing with his fingers. Completely turned on, he rolls back over on the bed, pulls off his jock and his thick, uncut cock springs straight up. Adam grabs his dick and begins stroking its length while at the same time his other hand is pulling hard on his ball sack. He closes his eyes and starts jacking faster as he dives deeper into his fantasy. His nuts tighten and his body goes rigid as his cock starts squirting a thick load of cum which goes flying all over his chest and arm.