Adam massages Lex

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Hunky Lex Moore needs a good rubdown and Adam Keller is more than willing to help him out. Lex strips down to his jockstrap showing off his tight muscular body. He lays down face-first on Adam's table and Adam applies some oil to Lex's back. Adam begins massaging Lex's neck and shoulders. As he makes his way down Lex's back Adam stops long enough to pull off Lex's jockstrap. Adam gently kneads Lex's firm bubble butt. As he applies more oil, Adam's finger brushes against Lex's cock and apparently, it's enjoying the attention. Adam reaches under and begins rubbing Lex's shaft while simultaneously his fingers probe Lex's tight hole. Lex moans with pleasure as his manhood grows thick and hard from the attention. Adam continues his way down to Lex's feet before rolling Lex over onto his back. Adam becomes entranced with Lex's rock-hard uncut cock and huge nuts. He grabs ahold and slowly jacks Lex's cock while cradling and pulling his nuts. Lex's body is pretty much gyrating on the table as he enjoys the attention Adam's giving his dick. Adam picks up the pace and before we know it Lex squirts load after load of creamy white jizz all over his ripped abs and chest. The satisfied sigh and smile on Lex's face was all Adam needed to know that Lex had enjoyed his little rub-n-tug.