Alpan and Alex

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Alpan Stone is trying out a new set of weights when Alex Blade comes in and sits down beside him. Alpan stands, strips off his shirt, picks up the weights and starts working out again. Alex is quite turned on watching Alpan and he starts massaging the hard bulge growing in his shorts. Alpan catches Alex out of the corner of his eye and turns to allow Alex a better view. Alex drops to his knees and pulls off Alpan's shorts and underwear. Aplan's long, thick cock plops out right in front of Alex's face. Amazed with its size Alex woofs it down, huge cock-head and all. While Alex is nursing on Alpan's dick, Alpan massages Alex's butt cheeks. Alex want's Alpan's cock up his ass very badly. He lays back on the sofa and Alpan helps him out of his underwear. Alex pulls his legs back offering his tight, pink hole to Alpan. Alpan buries his face and tongue deep in Alex's hole, loosening and priming it. He kneels behind Alex and slowly pushes his thick cock deep inside. Alex grabs onto his own cock and starts stroking in rhythm with Alpan's motion. Alpan works Alex's hole all over the sofa until Alpan feels he's about to blow. He pulls out and dumps a thick creamy load of cum coating Alex tight abs. Alex's can't hold back as he starts squirting load after load of jizz all over himself. Completely satisfied the two enjoy a kiss before the camera fades to black.