Anthony and Colin

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Anthony Naylor and Colin White don’t even make it thru their interview before they lean into each other and kick off with some of the most passionate kissing we’ve seen in a while. As they stand next to the sofa, Colin lifts off Anthony’s shirt and begins kissing his way down Anthony’s chest. They both begin loosening each other’s pants; and, as they drop to the floor, one of the largest bulges is protruding from Colin’s underwear. He pulls out his huge cock, Anthony drops to his knees and swallows the entire length as he eagerly works it with his tongue. Anthony’s own cock is rock-hard as he jacks it while he’s getting face-fucked. Colin kneels down and sucks on Anthony’s cock, trying his best to get the entire length down his throat. As the passion heats up, Anthony kneels on all fours across the sofa, spreading his ass so that Colin can bury his face and tongue deep in Anthony’s waiting hole. After an incredibly hot ass priming Colin stands up and slowly buries his cock deep in Anthony’s ass. He starts pumping slowly at first; but, quickly increases his thrusting as Anthony’s eyes give away how much he’s enjoying the ass-pounding he’s receiving. Colin flips Anthony over on the sofa, the intense fucking continues until Anthony shoots an incredible load of cum all over his chest and abs. Colin pulls out and continues the jizz coating, spraying cum over Anthony’s head and all over his chest and stomach.