Antonio and Martin

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Antonio de Luca walks in to find hunky young Martin Hovor relaxing on the sofa. Antonio leans over and plants a deep passionate kiss on Martin’s lips before pulling off Martin’s shirt. Antonio retrieves a bottle of lube and has Martin roll over. He begins massaging the oil into Martin’s back. Martin rolls over and Antonio pulls off Martin’s jeans and underwear. Martin’s cock is fully woody and Antonio wastes no time swallowing every long, hard inch of it. When he finally strips out of his clothes; Antonio is already excited as he gets back to orally pleasing Martin’s manhood. Before long Martin is on his knees servicing Antonio’s cock; burying his face deep into Antonio’s crotch. When our two studs are ready for some cock in butt action Martin lubes up his dick and Antonio climbs on top. He lowers himself slowly onto Martin’s thick piece of meat; his hole getting spread wide. Martin bends Antonio over the sofa, drives his cock back in and proceeds to give Antonio a serious ass pounding. Martin goes over the edge first; pulling his cock out of Antonio’s ass he squirts his thick load of love juice all over Antonio’s rock-hard abs. Antonio strokes his own cock more intently and before long covers his own self is his thick load of jizz.