Anton Sanek - 2018

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Anton Sanek is chilling out on the sofa when he finds himself rubbing his hands all over his chest and arms feeling his tight, lean muscles. He makes it down to the growing bulge in his shorts and after rubbing on it for a few he moves on to massaging his thighs. Anton leans forward and pulls his shirt over his head. He continues rubbing his pecs and abs as one hand makes its way into his underwear. He pulls off his shorts. His cock is quite hard and visible; but, still confined to Anton’s underwear. He slips out of his underwear, spreads his legs and both hands begin massaging his thick, uncut cock and balls. Anton settles back into the corner of the sofa. He lifts his legs up onto the sofa so that he can finger his hole while he’s jacking his dick. Anton picks up the pace and begins jacking faster. His other hand strokes his balls and pulls on his nutsack. As he gets close, his breathing and moaning get a lot louder. Anton’s body tightens and his cock starts spitting juicy streams of jizz all over his tight young body.