Anthony Naylor

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27-year-old Anthony Naylor joins us from Liverpool where he works as a dancer and enjoys going to the gym. He’s currently single, loves clean-cut guys, claims to be versatile; and, is willing to participate in just about any sexual activity. After his interview, Anthony sits back on the sofa, unbuttons his pants and a very large bulge is attempting to escape his underwear. He pulls off his shirt revealing his thick, muscular arms and torso. His hands go down his shorts and pull out a long, thick uncut cock which is already rock-hard and ready for some jacking action. Once his pants and underwear are off Anthony gets down to the business of working his cock and turning his tight, firm ass to the camera. He spreads his legs and goes about humping the sofa with his cock. Anthony soon locates a bottle of lube, squirts a healthy amount into his hand and gets back to jacking his thick piece of meat. One hand slides up and down very intently and the other hand has a tight grip on his balls. His breathing deepens, the dick-pounding becomes more intense; and, Anthony blows his load of man-juice all over his chest and abs.