Bailey Baxter

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23 year old Bailey Baxter is traveling, he’s stuck in his hotel room with nowhere to go and he’s completely bored. But he's horny, and he knows at least one thing he can do for fun. He stands before us caressing his body thru his clothes before slowly raising his tank top, to reveal a perfectly trimmed pleasure trail and a beautifully sculpted body. He’s not too muscular, but he does work out and takes care of himself... and it shows. He continues to rub his cock through his shorts, and then finally reaches down inside to touch the hot and expanding flesh. Finally he peels off the tank top, continuing to caress his taught body and admire his flexing muscles. He gets rid of the shorts, and as he pulls down the waistband of his briefs, we see that his perfectly trimmed pleasure trail leads to a perfectly trimmed bush. His hardening cock finally springs free of the briefs, and now Bailey really starts to rub and tug his manhood. He moves to the bed, kneeling in front of us, giving us a tasty view of his wonderfully sculpted ass and a tight, furry hole that is just aching to have a cock shoved in it; but, we’ll leave that for another day. He bends over and jerks off like this for a little while; teasing us with his huge, smooth balls as they rock back and forth to the rhythm of his stroking. My mouth started to water watching this, wanting so badly to give those sexy orbs a thorough tongue bath. Bailey then spins around and stands up, once again showing us his perfectly proportioned and toned body as he brings himself closer to climax. He finally lies back in his favorite jerk-off position, with a full manspread, and really goes to work feverishly stroking his cock. As he reaches his peak, we see his balls tighten up and he strokes out a tasty, creamy load all over that perfect pleasure trail. Spent, he continues to caress himself as he wonders what to do next. That’s when he remembers the huge dildo that he packed in his suitcase, which starts the blood flowing again…