Bastian Karim

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21 year old Columbian, Bastian Karim, is a dancer in a gay club and from the looks of his ripped body he must dance every day. Taking off his shirt reveals a lean, muscular body with a tattoo on one arm. He slowly slides out of his clothes. By the time he removes his underwear, his cock is already aroused from the ass-play he’s been performing on himself as he stripped. Lying back on the bed Bastian takes cock in hand and with his huge nuts already hugging his cock; he starts stroking. He must love playing with his asshole as much as his cock as that definitely keeps him stimulated while he’s jerking his cock. As he gets close to getting his nut, Bastian spins around on the bed and plants his feet on the ceiling. He continues stroking his cock and finger fucking his hole with the other hand. It’s not long before Bastian is shooting a load of thick cum all over his stomach.