Beno and Antony

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Antony Carter is sitting on the bed anxiously waiting for Beno Eker to arrive. Beno climbs up on the bed and Antony asks him for a back massage. Beno starts rubbing Antony’s neck and slowly works his way down Antony’s back. Beno tugs at Antony’s shirt, pulling it up and over his head. Beno has Antony lay face down on the bed. He pulls a bottle of massage oil from beneath the sheets and applies an ample amount to Antony’s back. Beno’s hands begin working their magic. Antony moans with pleasure as Beno tweaks just the right spots. Antony rolls over on his back and pulls off his pants. His cock is making quite the bulge in his underwear and as Beno continues the massage Antony slips his hand in his underwear and begins playing with his dick. Beno slips off Antony’s underwear. Antony’s cock is completely rock-hard and Beno can’t resist. He lays down beside Antony and proceeds to orally massage Antony’s massive, uncut cock. Antony is enjoying every second of the attention, gyrating on the bed as Beno goes between using his tongue or his hand on Antony’s cock. Beno straddles Antony’s knees and jacks Antony’s cock hard and fast. Antony’s moans grow louder and his breathing deepens as his cock erupts, spewing thick globs of creamy jizz all over his crotch and Beno’s hand.