Beno and Jack

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After a stroll about town our two young cuties Beno Eker and Jack Finix head home and things heat up quickly on the sofa. They begin passionately kissing each other as they remove each other's shirts. Jack unbuttons Beno's pants and reaches in to grab the growing bulge in Beno's underwear. Jack leans over and starts licking Beno's nipples while playing with Beno's thick cock straining to be free of his underwear. Jack slides Beno's shorts off and immediately woofs down Beno's thick, uncut cock. Jack slips out of his underwear, exposing his rock-hard dick. He sits up on the arm of the sofa and Beno wastes no time providing the oral stimulation Jack's erect manhood needs. Jack turns around on the sofa, bends over and offers his tight pink hole to Beno. Beno stands up behind Jack and slowly pushes his cock deep into Jack's ass. Beno begins pounding away at Jack's hole driving his cock as far into Jack as possible. Jack motions for Beno to sit down on the sofa and then he sits down on Beno's cock. As he's riding Beno's dick, his own cock is standing straight up, flopping side to side like a metronome with each bounce he makes. Jack rolls over on his back, pulls his legs back and Beno fills Jack's hole again, continuing the ass-pounding. Jack grabs his cock and starts jacking it in rhythm to Beno's thrusting. Moments later thick globs of creamy white cum start shooting from Jack's cock landing all over his chest and stomach. Beno pulls out his cock and blows an equally impressive load of jizz all over Jack.